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Jib Marker Solutions for Moving Product

The InfoSight Jib Marker for Moving Product is the ideal dot-matrix marking solution for high contrast marking on moving pipes, tubes or other products.  This marking solution can be configured with different marking technologies in order to best match the application requirements:

InfoSight I-DENT® air nebulized marking technology for high temperature large character marking applications.

Third party DOD (drop-on-demand) marking technology for cold-to-medium temperature large character marking applications.

Third party CIJ (continuous ink jet) marking technology for ambient temperature very small character marking applications.

A wide variety of marking media are available to meet most marking applications. Various inks and paints have been developed to handle different ambient temperature, oily and high temperature conditions.

Marking Technologies Available

I-DENT® technology

DOD technology

CIJ technology


Product Temperature Hot or cold product marking systems up to 980°C (1800°F)
Construction Heavy-duty construction, designed and built for factory duty
Height Adjustment Raise / lower mechanism allows marking on small-to-large product without adjustment
Collision Sensing Pivot breakaway reduces potential for damage in the event of product collision
Variable Speeds Measurement of product movement by encoder enables marking at variable speeds

Debris Removal

Air wipe nozzle is provided to remove debris on product prior to marking
Message Buffers Multiple message buffers can store pre-formatted messages

Available Options

Customization Custom-designed product handling equipment
Marking Data Interface Custom marking data interface to match user requirements
Logos Marking of logos is possible    
OptiCode® Compatibility Software to mark OptiCode® technology bar codes for product identification
WMS Interface Integration with length measuring and/or weight measuring equipment available

High Temperature Environments

Air-conditioned controls are available for hot ambient environments
Non-Moving Product Equipment is also available for marking of non-moving product—please consult InfoSight

Technical specifications are subject to change without notice.

I-DENT and OptiCode are registered trademarks of InfoSight Corporation.

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