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X-Tag™ Brochure Download PDF

X-Tag™ metal tags for traceability in atmospheric annealing ovens and cycles of long, high heat.

Tube and Pipe Marking and Tracking Download PDF

InfoSight marking technologies for automatic identification of products during the production process and barcode readers to enable product tracking for the tube and pipe industries.

ToughTag™ Brochure Download PDF

ToughTag™ metal tags are the ideal indoor/outdoor ID and tracking tag providing a weather-proof tag for maintenance teams at chemical plants, power plants or heavy industrial facilities.

OptiCode® Smart-Camera Tire Reader Brochure Download PDF

OptiCode® Smart-Camera barcode reader from InfoSight is a compact industrial reading system designed for high-speed reading and/or long-distance reading of industry standard and custom barcodes.

ShotTag™ Brochure Download PDF

ShotTag™ metal tags are designed to withstand bead and steel shot blasting applications, carrying identifying text and barcodes through acid baths, blasting and even painting.

LabeLase® Printer Family Brochure Download PDF

InfoSight makes rugged printers and tough metal tags that, as a system, deliver the efficiencies of barcoding and the safety of product traceability, especially for heavy industry, product manufacturing and facilities with extreme production conditions.

Print-to-Order Metal Tags Brochure Download PDF

Industrial-grade metal tags, custom printed to your order, provide tracking, traceability and process control for short runs and one-time or third-party jobs, even when budgets are tight.

PickleTag™ Brochure Download PDF

PickleTag™ metal tags survive metal descaling of hot acid pickling, assuring traceability, increasing efficiency, and making your shop a safer place to work.

Pic-Anneal® Brochure Download PDF

Pic-Anneal® metal tags give rod mills, wire mills and foundries a way to track parts through the entire pickling and annealing process – both acid baths and annealing heat.

PermaLabel® Brochure Download PDF

PermaLabel® metal tags for asset identification have a burnished bronze color that survives the weathering, scraping, and rough handling that industrial products endure in everyday use.

PaintTag™ Brochure Download PDF

PaintTag™ metal tags are ideal for tracking work pieces through acid prep and painting operations.

Laminating Systems Brochure Download PDF

Model SB and SB-2 laminating systems simplify the application of custom laminates to InfoSight’s KettleTag® PLUS, ShotTag™ and PaintTag™ metal tags after printing.

LL30xx Metal Tag Printer Brochure Download PDF

Roughly three-times faster than our industry leading LL10xx, the LL30xx’s speed makes it especially valuable when production lines increase speeds, or when you need more data on your tags.

LL1000V Tag Printer Brochure Download PDF

The LL1000V printer prints InfoSight’s full line of metal tags and labels – flexible polyacrylic films, steel and aluminum, allowing military and government contractors to barcode their process control tags then print UID-compliant labels for finished products.

LL1000P Metal ID Tag Printer Brochure Download PDF

The LL1000P metal ID tag printer uses interchangeable plates to simultaneously print text and barcodes on several tags of various sizes.

LabeLase® 28xx Series Printers Brochure Download PDF

The 28xx family of printers take high-speed metal tag printing onto the mill floor.

LabeLase® Direct Marking on Cold Products Brochure Download PDF

LabeLase® Direct Marking on Cold Products is a system that marks text, barcodes and logos directly on cold products using a paint patch and a laser.

LabeLase® Direct Marking Brochure Download PDF

The LabeLase® Direct Marking system uses an ink spray nozzle to lay down a patch and a laser to mark text, barcodes and logos directly on hot or ambient products.

LL1000 Metal Tag Printer Brochure Download PDF

The LabeLase® 1000 printer is designed to print on metal tags to nail onto hot steel slabs, wire onto galvanizing trays, rivet onto refinery pumps and fix to laboratory equipment, industrial engines and outdoor fixtures.

KettleTag® Plus Brochure Download PDF

KettleTag® Plus metal tags are the only galvanizing tags with text and barcodes that survive the entire galvanizing process without requiring removal and reattachment.

JM410 Plate Printer Brochure Download PDF

The JM410 printer uses interchangeable plates to print standard and custom/die-cut tags of various sizes in a single pass.

InfoTint™ Brochure Download PDF

InfoTint™ high temperature metal tags come in a variety of colors and won’t fade in sunlight and won’t blacken or smudge in temperatures up to 980°C / 1800°F.

InfoTag® Brochure Download PDF

InfoTag® metal tags are the world’s most used medium and high temperature barcode-ready tags for hot slabs, billets, wire bundles and intermediate products.

Industrial Tags Brochure Download PDF

InfoSight offers special purpose ID tags to industries such as aluminum and steel producers, metal and pipe fabricators, galvanizers, steel erectors, auto manufacturers and Tier-1 vendors, glass-making, timber, facilities management and tire & rubber.

FoamTag™ Brochure Download PDF

FoamTag™ metal tags are a rugged, easy to use, peel and stick, man-readable and barcode-ready tag with an adhesive backing for irregular surfaces.

Polyacrylic Laser Labels Brochure Download PDF

These low profile, industrial-grade, self-adhesive labels are compliant with military, government and international universal identification standards for data matrix coding and lifetime traceability.

GrateTag™ Brochure Download PDF

GrateTag™ metal tags are specifically designed to identify metal grates through galvanizing and installation, providing fabricators the efficiency and safety of barcoding and product tagging.

Fume Extractor System Brochure Download PDF

Heavy-duty industrial fume extractor and air filtering system removes more than 99.97% of airborne particles and 93% of fumes and volatile organic compounds.

Featured Capabilities Brochure Download PDF

InfoSight’s strengths include fast-turnaround prototypes and series-production including custom electronics & board design, software & firmware, machinery & equipment and precision components.

Fabricators and Galvanizers Brochure Download PDF

InfoSight metal tags offer solutions to difficult problems faced by fabricators and galvanizers.

Embed-a-Tag™ Brochure Download PDF

Embed-a-Tag™ metal tags attach flush to poured concrete extrusions and castings, providing man-readable text and machine-readable barcodes to identify panels through curing, coating, yard stacking, shipping and installation.

Compliance Brochure Download PDF

InfoSight products enable compliance with government regulations by providing resistance to high temperatures, abrasion, chemicals and tampering.

CodeTags™ Brochure Download PDF

Pre-printed CodeTags™ metal tags survive environments that destroy most labels and tags while making traceability simple.

CA-Tag™ Brochure Download PDF

CA-Tag™ metal tags are the only barcode tags designed to survive in oxygen-free, contaminant-free annealing ovens without burning-up or blacking-out.

Tag Attachment Techniques Brochure Download PDF

Describes the many techniques for attaching InfoSight’s metal tags in order to uniquely identify parts and products that need to survive hostile processes and environments.

AlumaTag™ Brochure Download PDF

AlumaTag™ attaches or embeds into freshly cast aluminum ingots and logs and is designed to survive furnace temperatures up to 540°C / 1000°F.

All Products Brochure Download PDF

This brochure introduces the wide variety of products manufactured and supported by InfoSight including metal tags, printers, barcode readers and custom machinery.

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