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ToughTag™ Metal Tags

ToughTag™ is an ideal low-cost barcode tracking tag for identifying industrial equipment such as valves and racks, located in harsh environments indoors or outdoors. Barcode information is imaged on the specially coated metal tag with a low power CO2 laser marker, such as the LabeLase® 1000 Tag Printer.

This durable barcode tag will survive indefinitely at temperatures up to 260°C/500°F. ToughTag™ is resistant to a wide range of chemicals and solvents, including acids, resists fading under sunlight and UV exposure, and is moderately abrasion resistant.

ToughTag™ can be made from 430-grade stainless steel, .2mm/.008-inch thick, with a specially developed laser markable coating on both sides. In roll form it can be 76mm/3-inches wide by 91-meters/300-ft long, and can be nick-notched in any length from 25mm/1-inch to 610mm/24-inches. It can also be supplied in die-cut form in virtually any custom size desired. A wide range of standard and custom holes and slots are available for attaching ToughTag™ to machinery.

Technical specifications are subject to change without notice.

ToughTag is a trademark of InfoSight Corporation.

LabeLase is a registered trademark of InfoSight Corporation.

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