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White Papers

Catch 22 the Ivaco Solution Download PDF

Until recently, wire rod coil manufacturers have been in a Catch-22 situation when it came to attaching identification to the coils of wire they produced.

Solutions to Identification Download PDF

Describes a high-tech solution that exceeded expectations and a relationship with a company dedicated to perfecting their product.

Permutations Download PDF

Ideally, items that require traceability are marked with a “License Plate Number “(LPN), which is used as an index into a database.

KettleTag® Hot Dip Galvanizing ID Tag Download PDF

Hot Dip Galvanizers can now provide their customers with the benefits of automatic identification.

Direct I.D. Marking of Tube Products Using Lasers Download PDF

Text, barcodes and logos can be directly marked on the inside diameter of cold tubular products using a focused carbon dioxide laser.

Marking Tubular or Roll Formed Products Download PDF

A discussion of the various technologies available today for manually and automatically identifying metal tubular or roll formed products.

Bar Code Identification of Hot Steel Download PDF

A variety of barcode labels on tags and their method of attachment to steel are available including carbon dioxide laser beam technology.

Bar Coding Tubular Products Download PDF

Bar coding is one method of marking tubular products for handling during the production process.

Steel Identification Is Moving Toward Bar Codes Download PDF

Poorly identified steel, whether it be mixed steel, poor quality, liability, customer problems, or missed schedules, is likely to result in a costly and time-consuming correction procedure.

License Plate Number Tracking; Traceability without the Gettysburg Address Download PDF

Tracking individual piece identity using License Plate Numbers provides traceability with a simple database lookup.

Tagging of Hot Bands Download PDF

Technology exists today to mark and permanently attach a durable stainless steel tag onto a hot steel coil immediately after down coiling.

Hints for Laying out Tags with Code 128 Linear Bar Codes Download PDF

Guidelines for using Code 128 linear barcodes in industrial applications.

The Case For A Standby Preprint Download PDF

Dr. John A. Robertson, CEO, InfoSight Corporation discusses the importance of uniquely identifying individual items in the production process.

Weigh Measure Stencil Systems for Tube Mills Download PDF

This paper discusses the evolution and operation of equipment to weigh, measure and identify tubes in the steel mill, typically called “Weigh Measure Stencil Systems” or simply “WMS Systems”.

Spray Marked Bar Codes on Tube OD for Traceability Download PDF

The ACIPCO American Steel Pipe Division needed to mark machine-readable marks on their large diameter seam-welded steel tubes, in order to make it possible to identify the tubes at various downstream process stations.

Bar Code Identification of Hot Mill Products Download PDF

Hot mill manufacturers are required to accurately identify bars, billets, blooms, slabs and other hot products both for mill record-keeping purposes and for their customers, and to mark these products with certain identification markings.

ID Laser Marking of LOD Pipe Download PDF

Large Outside Diameter (LOD) pipe manufacturers are required to accurately identify their pipe both for internal record-keeping purposes, and for their customers.

Bar Code Identification of SeverStal Slabs Download PDF

Technology that enables barcode identification to be created “on-site and on-demand” and to be automatically attached to cold or hot carbon steel slabs by laser marking a tag and MIG-welding it to the slab face.

Tracking Products in the Wire Industry Using Bar Codes Download PDF

Three of the leaders in the wire industry discuss how they have been tracking product with a barcode using a reliable method that has been proven by the test of time.

Parts Identification for Extreme Environments Download PDF

Marking technology designed to endure cleaning, galvanizing, and other harsh processes.

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